Totnes Night Market

Late Night Christmas Shopping at Totnes

Totnes Christmas Festival 2019 - Traders Application Forms:

The application forms for 2019 can be found at the Totnes Town Council website . Deadline: 27th September 2019.

Totnes Late Night Shopping 2018 - Traders Application Forms for the Market Square area only:


1. Choose the right application form, depending on whether you are a catering stall or not
2. Click the PDF image below to open the Application Form (PDF document) and print it
3. If you wish to download the Application Form on your computer, right click the image and then click "Save Link as"

Application Form for traders (Non-Catering only) - Market Square 2018

*** We are now FULLY BOOKED for 2018*** 

Application Form (Non Catering)

Please Note:

For under Civic Hall tabletop stalls. This area is laid out for small craft type traders at tabletop height. You will not be permitted to display your goods higher than 5 ft , i.e. not build a "wall" . To maximise space you may not be able to sit behind your stall but alongside it and the cooperation of traders is vital for this area to work. If you need to sit behind or have more than 2 people running the stall please state this in your application.

We are planning on having entertainment inside the Civic Hall on one or more nights . This area can be noisy so please ask to be away from this area on your application if you wish.

Application Form for Catering Stalls
-  Market Square 2018

*** We are now FULLY BOOKED for catering stalls for 2018*** 

 Application Form (Catering)